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real newsMany times our visitors are unaware of news that could effect our daily lives. Whether it be money owed to you, class action law suits, telephone scams, email scams, product recall or a rebate that you could be entitled to.

This is not “fake news”. This is real news and information at the national and state levels of events that could concern you. Check this page often!

We have provided a brief description of the news snippet and a direct link to the official site of the notices. Go get your money.

10-16 Western Union Rebates

Western Union is offering rebates to those who sent money orders to persons/companies who did not fulfill their offer as described. 

10-16 United States Unclaimed Money

Check to see if any state is holding unclaimed  money or other property that belongs to you.

3-17 Scams by IRS perpetrators

An IRS warning about fraudulent notices and telephone calls.

4-17 Unwanted Robot Calls

If you are receiving unwanted solicitation and collection telephone calls and want them to stop.

4-18 Data Breach of Your Information

The Settlement Class includes all persons and entities that Yapstone sent an Incident Notice to.

5-23 FasTrak Refund

If you live in or have visited the San Francisco Bay Area you may be owed a refund for bridge toll fees.

5-25 NYPD Settlement

 If you received a criminal court summons by an NYPD officer, and the summons was dismissed by the court for legal insufficiency and lacked probable cause.

9-8 Equifax Security Breach

Due to the security breach of Equifax (a credit reporting company), it is suggested that you put a freeze on all three of the big reporting companies from releasing your information.

11-17 Western Union Remission

If you sent money thru Western Union between January 2004 and January 2017, you can apply for remission of your payments.

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